Our Accomplishments

Among our accomplishments, CLDC:

  • Fought against the Green Scare — the government’s unconstitutional attack on environmental and animal rights activists — by conducting research, participating in public outreach and education, and assisting with the legal defense of non-cooperating defendants. CLDC also provided attorney referrals for various individuals and assisted their attorneys with various legal issues.
  • Represented over 140 environmental, animal and social rights nonviolent civil disobedience protestors.
  • Secured the right of Oregon prisoners to practice the Rastafarian religion by allowing them to wear dreadlocks while incarcerated.
  • Represented a Portland—area Mosque in a successful block of the FBI’s first—ever attempt to subpoena religious records.
  • Successfully represented local activist Perry Patterson, a mother of two draft-age sons, who was arrested for shouting “No!” at a Cheney rally after the Vice—President stated that an escalation of the war in Iraq was necessary.
  • Produced and distributed “Know Your Rights” outreach material, and presented more than 150 “Know Your Rights” trainings.
  • Reached over 5000 people throughout the year, with over 500 community members attending our Know Your Rights events in 2009 alone!
  • Won a major victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals by defending the constitutional right to protest, arguing that a state law was unconstitutional under the federal constitution. The Court struck down the “Interfering with Agricultural Operations” statute in its entirety and then exonerated over sixty forest activists that the CLDC represented in the courts!
  • Successfully settled a case against the Klamath County (OR) Jail demanding better policy, as well as obtaining a fair settlement for the family of a Native American man murdered while in custody.
  • Provided briefs and legal research to attorneys defending 65 other activists in legal cases across the country.
  • Developed Spanish and Juvenile KYR workshops as well as Transgender KYR outreach materials.
  • Conducted seven KYR Trainers’ Trainings, preparing approximately 100-120 people to bring these complex legal issues back to their communities.
  • Conducted Legal Observer trainings for approximately 75 people and provided observers at numerous rallies and protest across the Pacific Northwest.
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