Know Your Rights Training @ UO School of Law
Sep 22 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

We will be hosting a Know Your Rights training on September 22nd at 6pm at the UO School of Law we will announce the room number as soon as we have it.

Know Your Rights

The purpose of KYR workshops is to instill activists with the confidence to make decisions about how they will engage their activism—where is the line drawn between legal and potentially illegal protesting? What “magic words” should you say to police to invoke your rights? Armed with knowledge, activists and others can make informed choices regarding their interactions with government agents and can best protect their rights should they end up in handcuffs and in the legal system.

Legal Observer/Copwatch training @ CLDC Office
Oct 12 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

We will be hosting a legal observer and filming the police training.


Legal Observing

Legal Observers are individuals who purposely position themselves close enough to demonstrations to be able to accurately watch and report the activities of participants and the law enforcement who interact with them. Just the presence of an explicitly identified Legal Observer can deter police from violating the rights of protesters. Legal Observers should not act as part of the demonstration, but should carefully record the actions of the police with the goal of later using that information as an objective account of the events. A Legal Observer will essentially be the official eyes and ears of protesters, documenting every detail in a thorough and professional manner. Typically, they fill out this official form (LO summary) for any incident so that all the information is uniform and organized.


Copwatching is somewhat less technical than Legal Observing and anyone can join a Copwatch group. Copwatchers are on the lookout for police brutality at all times, not just when a demonstration or protest is taking place. However, the goals of decreasing police brutality and keeping cops accountable for their actions against citizens are the same. They also practice careful documentation of any incidents.

Copwatchers also usually refrain from becoming physically involved in police-citizen altercations, but may use non-violent tactics to help assert the rights of a detained individual.

Theater of Dissent: Benefit Dinner for the CLDC @ Wesley Center
Oct 27 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

 CLDC’s 1st Annual Theater of Dissent!

Save the Date!

October, 27th 2016

We will be host our first annual “Theater of Dissent” on Thursday, October, 27th. Theater of dissent is a dinner theater/mock trial benefit dinner.  The CLDC staff and local actors will be putting on a performance of a mock trial of front-line activists!

Venue Location and Address:

Wesley Center

2520 Harris Street, Eugene, OR 97402

Tickets are $50 and include entrance, dinner,  1 drink ticket, and a raffle ticket. Purchase tickets here.

The event is on the 15th anniversary of the USA PATRIOT Act as a reminder that our civil liberties are under constant attack and need to be vigilantly defended.

If your group is interested in purchasing a table or sponsoring the event please contact Charles at or 541-687-9180. Groups that purchase a table or sponsor the event our highlighted and acknowledged in the event program. Sponsor levels start at $250.


Cosponsors: UO Wesley Center