Rebel Revelry In Support With Earth Defenders!

We are excited to announce that recently freed environmental activist Eric McDavid will be a special guest at the event!
Rebel Revelry is one of our biggest benefit events of the year, hundreds of activists and supporters come out to support us so we can continue to do the work we do.

Third Megaload Set to Depart By: Carter Squires, CLDC intern The third “Megaload” shipment is slated to leave the port of Umatilla this week. For those not following this issue, […]

Who Killed Michael Hastings?

Exclusive: Who Killed Michael Hastings? http://www.occupy.com/article/exclusive-who-killed-michael-hastings Thu, 10/24/2013 – by Carl Gibson Early in the morning on June 18, a brand new Mercedes C250 coupe was driving through the Melrose […]