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Mumia Abu Jamal v. Kathleen Kane

First Amendment victory in Pennsylvania

Federal court protects free speech rights of prisoners in Mumia Abu Jamal v. Kane

Last week, a federal court in Pennsylvania struck down a state law aimed at restricting the free speech rights of prisoners. In Mumia Abu Jamal v. Kane, the court addressed a new state law in Pennsylvania called the “Revictimization Relief Act,” which attempted to stop accused or convicted criminals from publicly expressing viewpoints that might […]

Skid Row LA

Federal Appeals Court Confirms Right to Protest

On March 10, 2015, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in a case called CPR for Skid Row v. City of Los Angeles.… The federal appeals court found that the arrest of the organizer was unconstitutional. Even though the California law states that anyone who “willfully disturbs or breaks up” a […]