Know Your Rights Training on Jan 29th

The Civil Liberties Defense Center is proud to announce a FREE “Know Your Rights” training for the public presented in both English and Spanish. Participants are asked to bring paper and pen […]

The government is collecting information on millions of citizens. Phone, Internet, and email habits, credit card and bank records—virtually all information that is communicated electronically is subject to the watchful eye of the state. The government is even building a nifty, 1.5 million square foot facility in Utah to house all of this data. With the recent exposure of the NSA’s PRISM program by whistleblower Edward Snowden, many people—especially activists—are wondering: How much privacy do we actually have? Well, as far as electronic privacy, the short answer is: None. None at all. There are a few ways to protect yourself, but ultimately, nothing in electronic communications is absolutely protected.

CLDC has joined the Global Climate Convergence: The schedule of events below are happening in Eugene! Earth to May Day