Screenshot from Springfield Police Footage of Black Unity protest in July 2020

Springfield Spied on Black Unity, Lawsuit Alleges

It’s been more than a year since the July 29, 2020, Black Lives Matter-related protest in Springfield’s Thurston neighborhood that was sparked by a noose decoration hanging in a resident’s yard…

Biden is Expanding Trump’s War on “Domestic Violent Extremism” — and It’s Sweeping Up Black People

Far from breaking with Trump’s civil disorder prosecutions, Biden has doubled down with an expansive view of extremism.

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Climate Activists Celebrate Dismissal of Charges in the Midst of the Hottest Summer on Record

As the Pacific Northwest reels from record-breaking heat and braces itself for another fire season, four climate activists cases were dismissed on Wednesday in Clark County Circuit Court in Vancouver, Washington.

Protesters with the activist groups Mosquito Fleet and Portland Rising Tide attempting to block a ship from docking at the Port of Vancouver to offload oil pipe supplies in 2019.

Charges dismissed against activists who tried to block 2019 shipment at Port of Vancouver

As the Pacific Northwest reels from record-breaking heat and braces itself for another fire season, four climate activists cases were dismissed on Wednesday in Clark County Circuit Court in Vancouver, Washington.

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June 18, 2021: Hard-Earned Lessons

This week, Kite Line shares hard-earned lessons based on experiences of struggle on both sides of the prison walls. Perilous Chronicle’s Ryan Fatica returns with Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, who has guidelines for protestors.

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June 11, 2021: Marius Mason and Eric King

Our show this week returns to June 11th, the international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. The focus of June 11th is overcoming the isolation that these long-term prisoners face, as the movements they participated in years ago give way to new struggles and new generations of radicals.

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June 4, 2021: Ongoing Threats to Eric King

We start off this week’s show with a roundup of prison disturbances compiled by Perilous Chronicle. Afterwards, we speak with Lauren Regan, the Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center.

A woman of color stands with her fist raised in the air during a protest.

The murder of George Floyd: one year later

As the Pacific Northwest reels from record-breaking heat and braces itself for another fire season, four climate activists cases were dismissed on Wednesday in Clark County Circuit Court in Vancouver, Washington.

CKMUD Evening News, Humboldt County, California. June 1st, 2021

Englewood, CO Federal Correctional Institute

Imprisoned Anti-Fascist Activist Says Federal Guard Let White Supremacists Beat Him

Eric King’s civil rights lawsuit alleges a pattern of abuse by Bureau of Prison Guards across several facilities.

Representing Radicals book cover

Video: Representing Radical Clients

Join us for a presentation from the Tilted Scales Collective on key points from their new book, REPRESENTING RADICALS, with additional insight from Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC).

Portrait of Tyshawn Ford, wearing a black hat and hoodie and standing in front of a red brick wall.

Leaders of Eugene’s Black Lives Matter movement reflect on momentous year — for better or worse

Tyshawn Ford (our client), on protesting: “…it creates mutual aid networks and it’s a way to educate the community about the problems that are actually happening,” he said. “Even though I might not physically change laws and stuff like that, protesting does so much for the community.”

San Jose man faces restraining orders, court battles after watching police

According to the Civil Liberties Defense Center, people have a First Amendment right to record the police and “public servants performing their public duties in a public place have no right to privacy regarding your right to record their actions.”

Munitions to be detonated as part of DAPL lawsuit filed by injured protester who seeks millions

Wilansky seeks millions of dollars in damages in her lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Bismarck in November 2018 alleging excessive force, assault, negligence, emotional distress and defamation.

Photo of Christine Marie Caliguiri spending time with her service dog, Harley Quinn, on the Bear Creek Greenway in Medford.

Anti-camping law in Medford draws national attention

Starting May 1, campers found in violation of these policies could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. The change sparked outrage in the community and nationwide. Both the National Homelessness Law Center and the Civil Liberties Defense Center contacted Medford city officials advising them not to pass the ordinance

The Register-Guard written in black letters over a white backdrop.

HB 3145, a case for transparency

By Juan Chavez and Lauren Regan

Brandishing a weapon during a road rage incident. Falsifying paperwork in a fraudulent insurance scheme. Lying to investigators. These are just a few examples of numerous incidents of misconduct by dozens of deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department revealed through the release of a cache of disciplinary records.

Missing the Mark: Cops policing cops will never bring us the justice our community demands

By Sarah Alvarez

On March 25, 2021, Springfield Police Department’s “independent” expert, former police chief Rick Braziel, released an assessment of SPD’s response to the July 29, 2020, Black Unity protest.

Young black bear looks at camera from inside crate.

Lawmakers and Advocacy Groups Condemn Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for Killing of Young Black Bear

Lauren Regan, who is representing the fire chief pro bono and serves as Director and Senior Attorney at the Civil Liberties Defense Center, stated: ‘The fact that an Oregon State Trooper would criminally cite a Fire Chief in this instance is contrary to the law and public policy.

Red and blue lights flashing in a nighttime neighborhood scene. No people visible.

An Independent Assessment of the Independent Assessment of the Springfield PD’s Response to the Thurston Protest

On March 25, the City of Springfield released the findings of an independent investigation into the actions of the Springfield Police Department during the infamous Black Unity protest in Thurston last July.

Tents in Hawthorne Park, Medford's new tent city

Homeless Advocacy Groups Criticize Medford’s Proposed Camping Restrictions

The National Homelessness Law Center and the Civil Liberties Defense Center both wrote to the city of Medford last week, advising them to not pass a proposed ordinance to change camping laws. The groups say the new regulations would further criminalize homelessness and penalize people left without homes from wildfires.

Water coming out of the tap

‘A historic day’: Weed strikes deal for water source after years long battle

“It’s a historic day for the City of Weed,” said city manager Tim Rundel. “We’ve now secured water rights needed to provide water to the citizens of Weed indefinitely.”

Screenshot from CLDC's federal filing of a man in civilian clothes holding a large assault rifle and wearing a Trump hat.

CLDC, Protesters Sue Springfield and Police

On March 8, the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Black Unity protesters filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Springfield, the police department and several other named and unnamed officers.

Lawsuit Claims Springfield PD Violated Civil Rights of BLM Protesters

The suit, filed on behalf of Black Unity, a racial justice advocacy group, and two others who were filming the protest, claims their constitutional rights were violated by the Springfield Police, including SPD Chief Richard Lewis at a July 29, 2020 protest in Thurston.

CLDC and Environmental Lawyers Talk SLAPP at PIELC

The University of Oregon’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is under way, though this year the annual confab is going virtual. Among other events, the Civil Liberties Defense Center’s Executive Director Lauren Regan (pictured) and other environmental lawyers will discuss Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) lawsuits. These are lawsuits used by corporate lawyers on behalf of extractive industries, according to CLDC, and the event will cover how SLAPP lawsuits are used to target climate activists, immobilize public interest attorneys and avoid accountability.

Demonstrator ordered to pay for chalking sidewalk

Safay’s lawyer, Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Eugene, sought to have the citation dismissed, arguing Safay specifically used a sidewalk chalk designed to be temporary and argued the code was “intended to apply to permanent or semi-permanent marks.”

A CCTV surveillance camera overhanging a city block with a skyscraper in the background.

Defending Standing Rock, Combating State Repression: An Interview With Lauren Regan

After refusing to testify, the Magistrate Judge overseeing the grand jury held Steve in contempt of court and ordered him imprisoned. After nearly three weeks in jail, Steve was released, but the government’s attack on him continues. In order to learn more about his case and the broader climate of repression against activists and protestors, I spoke with Lauren Regan, executive director and lead attorney with the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Oregon.

Lawsuit against Eugene aims to change police response to protests

As confrontations between police officers and protesters become increasingly common, the Civil Liberties Defense Center is suing the city of Eugene and police officers from the Eugene Police Department over the treatment of activists and city residents during Black Lives Matter protests last year. We hear from Lauren Regan, the executive director and a senior staff attorney with the center, about updates to the lawsuit.

Ashland Woman Fined For Using Chalk On Sidewalk During Protest In Medford

Safay’s attorney, Sarah Alvarez with the Civil Liberties Defense Center, says the code enforcement was motivated by her client’s political speech and was a violation of her rights under the Oregon Constitution and the First Amendment. “Everybody, including Ms. Safay, has the right to protest and express dissent towards their government and in this case the firm Hornecker Cowling, it seemed to us, that they were using their connection and access to silence dissent and Ms. Safay’s and the other activists’ political message,” Alvarez says

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February 26, 2021: Surviving Repression from the Bay View to Standing Rock

In order to learn more about Steve’s situation, Perilous Chronicle editor Ryan Fatica spoke with Lauren Regan, Lead Attorney and Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Oregon who has spent many years of her life dedicated to defending those facing charges for their participation social movements. Our segment this week focuses primarily on another water protector, Sophia Wilansky. Lauren is representing Wilansky, a Standing Rock protestor who is suing law enforcement for injuries she sustained during a protest on the Backwater Bridge at Standing Rock in 2016 and has been following the grand jury proceedings closely.

Eugene CLDC Amends Filing Against City of Eugene & EPD To Name Officers In May 31 Protest

In the CLDC initial filing, officers had not been identified, but are now being included after identities were revealed during a discovery process. They’re also calling for the removal of Sgt. William “Bill” Solesbee, or at least asking he be placed on desk duty.

A Familiar Face: Amended federal lawsuit reveals police name who has history with past Eugene police brutality lawsuits, misconduct

“One thing that repeatedly leapt off the page of the civil discovery documents was a name that we have all seen far too many times in association with police brutality against protestors — Sgt. William Solesbee,” Lauren Regan, director and attorney with CLDC, said in a statement.

Eugene Weekly reported Henry Houston is struck by an apparent tear gas shell fired from a Eugene Police Bearcat Vehicle. Photo by Dana Sparks

Eugene to pay $61K to woman who sued over May 31 police response; new court documents name more officers

Attorneys are still pursuing the lawsuit on behalf of six other people who sued the city over the way Eugene police handled a peaceful protest that turned into a riot on May 31. That’s separate from a case the city settled with a Eugene Weekly reporter shot with tear gas covering the protest.

Drone with surveillance camera flying in an orange sky.

State Repression In Changing Terrain: An Interview With Lauren Regan From The Civil Liberties Defense Center

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we again speak with Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC), about the changing face of State repression as the new administration takes power and the push by various forces to paint protest as “domestic terrorism.”

Water faucet

The Search For Water For The City Of Weed, Plus Lawsuits

Water is always a complicated subject in California, and perhaps more complicated in Weed. The city does not own its water source, Roseburg Forest Products does. So the city is working to secure a new water source while the lawsuits fly. Some of those suits have been filed by the company against residents of Weed involved with the group Water for Citizens of Weed California (WCWC), including the “Weed 9” who have expressed objections to RFP’s behavior. We sort this out with Bruce Shoemaker from WCWC and Rebecca Chapman from the Civil Liberties Defense Center.

A screenshot from a video of people running in downtown Eugene after police officers fired a weapon in the direction of community members on May 31. CREDIT ELIZABETH GABRIEL

Plaintiffs Suing City, EPD Want ‘Meaningful Change’ in Response to Police Violence

A group of local plaintiffs represented by the Civil Liberties Defense Center who are suing the City of Eugene and the Eugene Police Department for during Black Lives Matter protests in late May.

Standing Rock

BRAVE Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues The Young Turks interview with our Executive Director, Lauren Regan. 

Eugene Law Firm Sues Police For Excessive Force Against DAPL Protesters KLCC


DAPL Water Protectors Sue for Excessive Police Brutality  Telesur

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Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists The Guardian 2/10/17

FBI Contacting Water Protectors, Says The Guardian Indian Country Today 2/10/17

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