Amicus Briefs

October 2021

Civil Rights Groups Submit Support Brief for Impact Investment Firm in Legal Battle with Private Prison Corporation

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October 22, 2021

Contact: Valentina Stackl, Protect the Protest task force
(734) 276 6260

Candide Group fighting defamation suit from notorious private prison corporation CoreCivic

San Francisco, California — Today, 13 human rights and civil liberties groups submitted an amicus brief in the legal bullying SLAPP case filed […]

March 2021

As Law Enforcement Attempts to SLAPP Detroit Will Breathe, CLDC Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of DWB Activists

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Update: March 10, 2021:

Today the Eastern District of Michigan recognized that the City of Detroit’s counterclaim against activists Detroit Will Breathe was frivolous and baseless, and dismissed it with prejudice.

Plaintiffs Detroit Will Breathe and 14 individual plaintiffs brought a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Detroit and the Detroit […]


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