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October 2016

Legal Support for #ShutItDown Activists

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CLDC is providing legal support to all five teams across the country. "These earth-defenders may be the first to encounter energy infrastructure sentencing and charging enhancements for non-violent civil disobedience in the US." -Lauren Regan, CLDC Executive Director

March 2016

The Necessity of the Necessity Defense

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Last May, I watched the news reports about the girl who attached herself to the anchor chain of Shell’s Arctic Challenger as it sat in the Bellingham Bay—preparing to head to the Arctic to be part of Shell’s plan to drill for oil there, and to surely cause horrific destruction to the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic and magnify the impacts of climate change, including endangering indigenous people in the area.

February 2015

April 2014

Justice In Action

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Through Justice in Action, our litigation program, the Civil Liberties Defense Center provides free legal representation or referrals to peace activists, environmental and animal rights activists, immigrants' rights activists, marriage equality activists, and others involved in progressive social change.

June 2012

Renewed Threat of Exclusion Zone on Horizon

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After nearly four years, Eugene's Exclusion law banishing people from the downtown infringes on a variety of civil liberties, including those to freedom of movement, legal representation, and equal treatment under the law, but does little for public safety. The DPSZ ordinance is scheduled to sunset this fall. However, as it has several times before, the City Council simply plans to hold a new series of meetings to examine whether to extend the law. The CLDC and Eugene community have repeatedly expressed outrage at the various hearings in the past. With your support, this pressure has helped deter the City from making the DPSZ permanent. That is why it is crucial that we keep up the momentum and continue to speak out. This law does not represent the needs or wishes of Eugene!

April 2012

Puppeteers Wanted!

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Calling all creative folk!

The CLDC is looking for people to participate in creating and performing a Know Your Rights/Security Culture puppet show for activists. Basic script is ready to go!

We need people to create puppets and learn and/or perform with them. Ideally performers will be in the Eugene/Portland area, but […]

January 2012


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