May 2023

Celebrating 20 Years: New Merch!

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As our 20th anniversary party draws near, we’re launching a pre-sale for hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers featuring our new logo! The pre-sale begins today, May 15, and runs through May 29. All of our shirts and stickers are printed by the Gloo Factory, a community-minded union print shop […]

March 2021

As Law Enforcement Attempts to SLAPP Detroit Will Breathe, CLDC Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of DWB Activists

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Update: March 10, 2021:

Today the Eastern District of Michigan recognized that the City of Detroit’s counterclaim against activists Detroit Will Breathe was frivolous and baseless, and dismissed it with prejudice.

Plaintiffs Detroit Will Breathe and 14 individual plaintiffs brought a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Detroit and the Detroit […]

November 2020

SCOTUS Vacates Two Fifth Circuit Decisions, Affirms First Amendment Protections, Civil Rights

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Last week the Supreme Court vacated two horrible decisions from the Fifth Circuit. Last year, the Fifth Circuit held that a civil rights protester can be held liable for a peaceful protest in which an unidentified person throws a rock, but identified government agents cannot be held liable for making […]


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