Today CLDC resolved one of our activist cases with a sentence of discharge (no punishment) for a woman who was acting as an ally and accompanied a non-binary person who was sexually assaulted by an on-duty cop, Christopher Drumm, with the Eugene Police Department.

The victim had called 911 for police assistance, and subsequently, Drumm returned to their home and engaged in sexual misconduct while on duty. The victim and allies went to the police department to obtain documentation that the abusive cop was no longer allowed to be a cop. Eugene police refused to speak with the victim or provide any proof that the cop was actually no longer wearing a badge and gun. Emotions escalated and our client damaged a Eugene Police Department sign.

It is repugnant that former Eugene Police Officer Drumm is not being criminally prosecuted for his abuse of power and trust, but the victim and their allies were/are being prosecuted for serious crimes including felony riot for demanding some semblance of justice. The State should dismiss the remaining charges against the survivor of this sexual assault by the officer and those of their allies.