Michael and Sam, Sentencing Hearing

Michael and Sam, Sentencing Hearing

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February 6, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Pembina County Courthouse
ND 58220

Michael Foster, Sam Jessup, and supporters will be in Cavalier, ND next Tuesday, February 6th for sentencing. If you would like to attend this hearing in support, it’ll be so good to share this outcome with you. Please join us by 9:30am (2/6/18) at Pembina County Courthouse, 310 Dakota St W, Cavalier, ND.

reach out to shutitdown.today@gmail.com with questions
Courtroom Decorum: please read if you plan to attend.

Please, come to the court with with the ultimate respect for the law. In our demeanor and bearing we come to witness the process of justice and in demonstrating this trust, we ask the system to trust us and consider what true justice looks like. Michael and Sam ask that we do not antagonize the court. We are representatives of the climate justice movement and we are guests of Pembina County. Please come in prayerful presence.

Courthouse rules and customs

No weapons – even tiny pocket knives will be turned away by the detectors at the courthouse entrance

No hats in the courtroom – Even women! In most jurisdictions, the bailiff will ask you to remove your hat.Before entering the courtroom, please ensure your phone is silent, and unless you are a member of the trial media team, turned off. Disruption from cell phone noises or photos of any kind could cause the judge to ban all phones from the courtroom.

No signs or banners – these would be confiscated and do not convey the kind of respect for the court that Michael and Sam have requested.

Sober and respectful demeanor and attire – No message T-shirts, buttons, signs, etc. Again, we hope to win hearts and minds of people whose idea of appropriate dress may be more conservative than ours. Our serious, respectful, and attentive presence showing support for Michael and his actions is crucial.

Defend Civil Liberties!

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