CLDC Panels & Workshops At PIELC

Criminal Defense and Environmental Activism 

Friday, Mar 3 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm (LAW 175)

This past year, the U.S. has seen a massive surge of civil disobedience and other actions in defense of the planet. The actions often resulted in the arrest of activists. Some are facing the possibility of serious prison time. Many people expect these acts of resistance to continue. With Trump administration, though, many are expecting particularly harsh repression of these activists. This panel will focus on the relationship between activists and their attorneys, as well as tips for how criminal defense lawyers can play an active role in supporting activists fighting for a livable planet.
Panelists: Lauren C. Regan, Executive Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center; Cooper Brinson, Staff Attorney, Civil Liberties Defense Center

Government and Corporate Surveillance of Earth Defense Movements (Part1) 

Saturday, Mar 4 @ 10:35 am – 11:50 am (LAW 141)

In part 1 of this 2-part series, CLDC will provide case examples, tips, and traps regarding government and corporate surveillance of climate activists and frontline communities, their campaigns, and their lawyers, and why everyone needs to take security issues seriously to be a serious activist, advocate or attorney.
Panelists: Lauren Regan, Executive Director & Staff Attorney, Civil Liberties Defense Center;

Saturday, Mar 4 @ 2:20 pm – 3:35 pm (LAW 141)

Lawyers and activists who do not encrypt their communications and records put themselves and others at risk of surveillance and cannot ensure their attorney-client communications remain confidential. Encryption is more important than ever, but also much easier to use than it once was. We will survey and assess state-of-the-art secure communications tools, discuss trade-offs and considerations in choosing the right tools for different aspects of your work.
Panelists: Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center Director & Staff Attorney; Prof. Glencora Borradaile, Oregon State University; Jamil Jonna, Civil Liberties Defense Center Digital Security for Activists Program; Michele Gretes, Civil Liberties Defense Center Digital Security for Activists Program

Digital Security Drop-In Center

Saturday, March 4, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EMU 131 Owyhee Room

Bring a laptop or smartphone for hands-on training in:
· private web browsing
· encrypted text messaging
· making and managing strong passphrases
· file and disk encryption
· securing social media accounts
· GPG/PGP email encryption

Presented by the Civil Liberties Defense Center and the Oregon State University College of Engineering.
The CLDC Digital Security for Activists program helps grassroots organizers & supporting attorneys make their digital work more secure.




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