Resist Trump

Now is more important than ever to resist Trump and his agenda of bigotry, racism, sexism, xenophobia, hate, & climate change denial. We will continue to protect the rights of front-line activists who stand up for justice and provide trainings & resources for marginalized communities.

Right now we are providing legal support to the Water Protectors in North Dakota, we are defending the 10 “Shut It Down” activists who on October 11th shut down all the pipelines bringing Canadian tar sands across the US, we are also representing the 52 Break Free activists who took action in May to stop oil trains in Anacortes.

Representing activists in only a part of what we do we also provide trainings to thousands of people every year to make the law more accessible to everyone. These trainings include know your rights, legal observing, police misconduct & racial profiling, privacy & security practices, and many other topics. Last year we trained over 5,000 people. Now with an openly racist/misogynist/climate denier as president it will be even more important to provide these trainings to threatened communities.

We will stand in solidarity for these communities and provide them with legal support, but we need your help to do that. The best way to invest in our work is to become a Sustaining Member, so that we have continued support throughout the year after the headlines subside.

Checks should be mailed to: Civil Liberties Defense Center, 783 Grant Street, Suite 200, Eugene, OR 97402.


If you have any questions about making a donation or membership feel free to call us at 541-687-9180.



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