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Know Your Rights

Our Know Your Rights (KYR) training is our most regular and widely held educational event. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the particular group of participants.

Learn what your constitutional rights are and how they apply to protest, direct action and demonstration. Learn the “magic words” to say while interacting with law enforcement as an activist, in order to keep you and your friends safe. We will walk you through the legal system and what to expect if you are arrested. Finally this training focuses on ways the government and law enforcement try to suppress our movements, and how you can stay resilient to repression.

Learn what your constitutional rights are when you are in the United States. Learn how to invoke and assert those rights, and what specific words and phrases you can use to keep yourself safe when talking to the police or ICE. Learn the difference between police and ICE and what each group can and cannot do. This training discusses ICE and their powers and limitations, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from them as an undocumented person. We also have a training for “immigrants and allies”, which is similar, but shines a stronger light on what allies can do to support and protect their undocumented neighbors.

Learn your constitutional rights as a youth, how to interact with police to keep yourself safe. Empower yourself to know your rights from as early of an age as possible! Can be tailored to any demographic of youth.

When working with forest activists, we include updated information regarding recent laws and prosecutions related to that movement. With immigration reform groups, we focus on the rights of non-documented people and their families. When working with LGBTQ groups, we focus on issues specific to their needs. Due to an increase in the criminalization of youth, CLDC has developed trainings specifically geared toward juveniles in an attempt to curb the abuses taking place between police and youth.

All of our KYR trainings have an accompanying PowerPoint presentation we provide to participants who want it to share the information with their community. We allow our organizational hosts to also record the trainings so they can share the information with community members unable to attend.

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