CLDC Goes To Texas!

CLDC attorney Lauren Regan will be representing the activists involved in the Tar Sands Blockade.  Over 30 activists have been arrested for engaging in civil disobedience in attempts to thwart the multinational TransCanada XL Pipeline from destroying forests and the environment from this disgusting export pipeline carrying the dirtiest form of tar sands oil in existence.  Check out for more information on the campaign.
Local law enforcement has repeatedly brutalized the nonviolent protestors and CLDC will be taking on these dishonorable, demonic cops and their excessive use of force as well in order to help protect future citizens from such egregious civil rights violations.
*Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputies used OC spray on nonviolent activists–including repeatedly and torturously spraying activists at close range in the eyes as they were locked to logging equipment , as well as spraying bystanders in the eyes, including two local women, ages 75 and 22.
Call Cherokee County Sheriff  James Campbell at 903-683-2271 and tell him to uphold the law for all, stop abusing nonviolent activists, honor the Constitution, and stop blatantly exhibiting bias toward the financial contributions from TransCanada XL Pipeline. 
Wood County Sheriff’s deputies used OC spray and tased nonviolent activists as they were locked down causing serious injuries.  Apparently, Wood County is not aware of the US Constitutional standards for cruel and unusual punishment and excessive force regarding nonviolent protestors.
Call Wood County Sheriff Billy Wansley at 903-763-2201 and remind him that tasing citizens engaged in civil disobedience is legally and morally wrong as well.
Finally, If you’d like to support CLDC’s travel expenses to east Texas, please donate right away!  Mark your contribution “Tar Sands” and thank you for your support of our work!
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