Youth rise up to address climate change

August 12, 2015

By Rebecca K. Smith, CLDC Board President & Cooperating Attorney

Last week, at the Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp (NGCJAC), a diverse group of youth and adult organizers met in Southern Oregon to share tools and stories and prepare the next generation of climate justice organizers for the work that is to come. Despite the sometimes dense wildfire smoke drifting into camp, both youth and adults rose to the occasion for a busy week of workshops and planning that culminated in an inspiring youth-led protest, rally, and march against the construction of a liquified natural gas (LNG) export pipeline.

Here’s some of what the youth had to say. . . .

From their protest at the offices of Pacific Connector, where they delivered a “Permit Denied” sign:

“We are the future and you are destroying us. By creating this destructive pipeline you will harm rivers, animals, and peoples’ homes. The LNG pipeline is an invasion and disrespects the earth. The future deserves a clean, beautiful, and healthy earth. We, the youth, deny this pipeline. We promise to continue fighting for justice and future generations. Money is not worth the destruction of our earth.”

NGCJAC Youth, 14 years old. Here is the video from the Office occupation Pacific Connector 

Here are a few more photos from the camp

IMG_0641  IMG_0667


You can see more photos on our Facebook page here

Video of Activist speech at Vogel Plaza


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