Report from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Resistance

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This week CLDC is providing legal support to some of the most active frontline climate defense camps in the country as part of our nationwide tour to empower and embolden activists with legal knowledge.

Donate to the Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp

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The Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp is a 7 day summer camp that teaches youth (ages 14-18) the skills and information that they need to become effective players in the climate justice movement.

Defending Frontline Activists in Virginia and Pennsylvania

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The CLDC has been providing legal support to the frontline pipeline heroes in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Recently, the Reilly family’s Virginia farm has been threatened, stolen and logged by the Mountain Valley Pipeline Corporation as it trampled upon their property rights and destroyed their pristine acreage that contains forest and creeks in order to stuff yet another unnecessary pipeline underground.

Happy May Day from the CLDC!

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On this historic day of International Solidarity with the Worker, we honor the long struggle against capitalism for human dignity. Please enjoy this video by CLDC intern Dylan Stirewalt of worldwide May Day protests and actions, and remember to visit our Know Your Rights page before you hit the streets!

History of May Day!

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Looking forward to this May Day, we should remember that democracy is not the political expression and organization of capital—rather, it is capital that organizes us under the appearance of democracy—eventually overturning any democratic practices in favor of those with the most capital.

Valve Turners to Present Climate Necessity Defense

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Eugene, OR — Today is a historic moment for climate activists in the U.S. The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld a lower trial court’s ruling that will allow four climate activists to provide evidence of the necessity of their actions to a jury of their peers.

Chilling of Protestor Freedom in Iowa

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SF 2235, An Act Relating to Criminal Acts Committed On or Against Critical Infrastructure and Providing Penalties: A chilling of protestor freedom in Iowa. This bill has passed both houses of the Iowa Legislature and is pending Gubernatorial approval. The original version of the bill passed the Senate and was sent to the House, where it was expanded and reintroduced for Senate approval. The Senate ultimately voted to pass the bill 35-13.

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