PIELC 2017 Digital Security Drop-in Center Guides

  1. Firefox web browser – Download the verified app* for your operating system

    • HTTPS everywhere plugin: secure web connections

    • EFF Privacy Badger plugin: for safer web browsing

    • *any app downloaded from a website is vulnerable to attack by a sophisticated adversary, who may substitute a malicious counterfeit app.  To safeguard against this possibility, some apps can be independently verified with a PGP digital signature.  If you are set up with GPG/PGP, you can try this yourself (see here and here).  Because this may not be straightforward even for advanced users, CLDC has done this for the apps we recommend here — click the Verified Download links whenever possible.

  2. Signal encrypted chat (& desktop app)

  3. Tor Browser for anonymous web browsing

  4. Diceware for creating a strong, memorable password

  5. KeePassX password manager

  6. Veracrypt file encryption

  7. Thunderbird + Enigmail + GPG/PGP to read and send encrypted email

  8. Better secure your social networks:

  9. Consider numerous reasons why cell phones are very difficult to use securely

  10. Install all available Security Updates for your computer and smartphone!

    • If your device is no longer receiving security updates from its supplier:
      • For a laptop or other conventional computer, update to a new version of its operating system (OS).
      • If it is an Apple or Windows computer that can no longer be updated to a new version of OSX or Windows, consider switching to using Linux — most laptops and desktop computers can easily run Linux, even if they are many years old.
      • If it is a smart phone or tablet that can no longer be updated to a new operating system, it must be replaced.  The only exception is certain Android devices that may be supported by a community-built version of Android, such as LineageOS.  This is rarely an easy task, however, and is not for beginners.
    • Windows is notoriously difficult to secure and is the most common target for malicious hacking.  For security, we recommend against it.  If you must use it, however, please take additional security measures for Windows


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