• The stickers are 2 for $1.

    Anti-Racist Community Watch sticker with black background and white edge. Union printed! You can also download the image and print your own. Click here to download: Anti-Racist Neighborhood Sticker We didn't create the sticker/image but we have permission to share it as widely as possible. The stickers are 4"x4"
  • Support CLDC and protect yourself and your community from COVID-19 at the same time! Get your double-walled organic cotton mask with a gift membership or as a standalone item today! This first run is limited to 100 adult-sized masks, so get yours today--before they're gone! Options: Membership- $35; Solidarity Membership- $50; Mask Only- $10; Mask Only--Solidarity Price- $15
  • Proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts help support our activist defense programs. Printed on union made shirts!

  • Show your support for the CLDC with a CLDC sticker!
  • Looking to host a secret holiday party away from the prying eyes of the State? Or would you prefer, whatever the season, to carry your cell phone with you but not have your every move tracked? You're looking for what's called a Faraday bag--a pouch that is lined with material intended to block all incoming and outgoing cellular network, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other signals. Be careful though, because not everything sold as a Faraday bag is equally reliable. CLDC has looked at what's out there, done our own preliminary tests, and this one seems like the best option. It's marketed to police forensics to prevent a cell phone that's meant to be used as evidence from being remote-wiped. Buy one from us and support our work! Bonus: you won't have to engage with a sketchy, cop-friendly company! Remember: If you really want to have a secret party, ask your guests to put their phones in their Faraday bags before leaving home! And No Faraday bag (as far as we know) is soundproof in any way. So, if you're looking to be certain that any secret party chatter is not overheard by a compromised phone (as unlikely as this is!), make sure to put your phone in another room with loud music on. PS: Please see this link to read our blog post re: private meetings!
  • Show your solidarity with earth defenders by sporting this beautiful t-shirt. Use the dropdown to check availability of sizes and colors.
  • Proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts help support our activist defense programs. Printed on union made shirts!


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