Dear Members & Supporters,

As the President of the CLDC Board of Directors I am proud to start the new year at CLDC with a new office space and three new Directors on our Board of Directors.  This year we are welcoming Sarah Alvarez, Cindy Cordova, and Kiran Oomen onto the Board.  All three have extensive experience working with CLDC  – thorough law clerkships, internships, teen camp, and many, many donated hours of volunteer work.   We are so grateful for all the support that they have given to CLDC.  They know what we do, and they know how we can improve and expand.  I strongly believe they will be major assets to CLDC as they take on a role governing the organization into the future.  Please join me in welcoming our three new Directors – Sarah, Cindy, and Kiran!  Welcome!


Sarah Alvarez

Sarah is from Florida, where she became passionate about the world in swamps, pine flats, and the Gulf of Mexico. She earned a dual degree in Environmental Science and International Relations for the University of Central Florida. She attends the University of Oregon School of Law where she served as the co-director for the National Lawyers Guild chapter, a fellow for the Food Resiliency Project at the Environmental and Natural Resources Center, and a volunteer law clerk for the CLDC. Sarah is based out of Southern Oregon where she currently works at the Josephine County Public Defender’s Office, representing low-income clients in criminal matters. She plans to continue her commitment to radical causes after graduation by working on government misconduct and activist defense cases. Sarah enjoys vegetarian cooking, birdwatching, and backpacking with her dog.


Cindy Cordova

California-born and Oregon raised, Cindy is currently in her senior year at the University of Oregon where she is a Diversity Excellence Scholar. She is majoring in Biological Anthropology with minors in Legal Studies, Biology, and Public Policy & Management. The oldest child of Mexican immigrants, Cindy was exposed to the importance of civil rights, equality and education early on. She has worked with several locally based education, art and health based nonprofits, and has experience working with community resource centers and harm reduction programs. She has 15 years of professional and personal experience working with differently-abled individuals including advocacy, vocational rehabilitation and inclusive education. She has worked for the CLDC in different capacities, ranging from intern to undergrad law clerk. Following graduation, Cindy is pursuing master’s degrees in public health and education.


Kiran Oommen

Kiran is a musician, community organizer and student of sociology at Seattle University. He first got connected with the CLDC at the first Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp as a teenager, going on from there to get involved in the radical environmental movement in the Pacific Northwest. The last couple years he has helped organize the camp, and interned at the CLDC in the summer of 2017. Kiran is a plaintiff on the Juliana vs. USA federal climate change lawsuit, as well as a co-founder the Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition and the Seattle University direct action club. While living for a short time in Sweden, Kiran and some friends started the anarcho-hardcore band Dönde Estääs, and he has a folk punk project based in Seattle known as Geophagia.

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