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Board of Directors



Kim Marks

Kim Marks is a grassroots organizer who also works within the Rising Tide North America Collective. She is a former board member of IMPACT Personal Safety, ASJE, NFPA, & Bark. Ms. Marks works with indigenous and frontline communities in the United States, Canada, and South America on climate justice issues, fighting the root causes of climate change.  Kim lives in Portland, Oregon.


Rebecca Smith

Rebecca is a public interest attorney in Missoula, Montana specializing in public interest law for low-income clients in Montana and Idaho, including representing low-income or marginalized individuals and non-profit community groups in cases involving environmental protection, activist criminal defense, and police misconduct.  Rebecca formerly served on the board of directors for the Buffalo Field Campaign.


Mark Jordan

Mark is a staff attorney at Atkin & Associates Center for Nonprofit Law in Eugene, Oregon and also maintains a private solo law practice doing criminal defense law, animal law, discrimination law, and several other areas of law. He has been involved in environmental and animal rights activism for approximately 20 years. Mark has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. He has been a legal observer coordinator for Portland, Oregon and has legal observed for countless protests, marches, etc. for all sorts of social justice campaigns.

Chris Richards

Chris Richards is the founder Autonomous Music and The Art of Dismantling, organizations that take a radical approach to utilizing music and art as political tools. Autonomous Music books 1000+ events a year across North America for national and international touring acts, and manages multiple facets of their careers.  Using the comprehensive network that Autonomous has built as an agency and management firm, the company raises funds for non-profits and promotes workshops and educational trainings anywhere possible.


Dana Johnson

Dana is a public interest attorney in Moscow, ID with a legal practice focusing on federal environmental litigation in the Big Wild of the Northern Rockies and criminal defense.  Dana offers litigation, education, and support services, including Legal Observer coordination, to regional non-profit groups and activists working in the fields of environmental and animal protection.  She is committed to providing creative legal analysis and representation realizing that social and environmental justice often demand a firm challenge to the status quo.  A National Lawyers Guild attorney member and a former Legal Aid attorney, Dana also provides low-income legal services throughout Idaho and serves as a public defender for the Nez Perce Tribe.

Chris Calef

Chris is a longtime member of the ‘Friends of Jeff Luers’ prison support team and is a veteran of past direct action campaigns to protect old growth forest. Holding a B.A. in Geography from the University of Oregon, he is also the Chief Technical Officer of his company BrokeAss Games, LLC.


 Kerul Dyer

Kerul manages communications for Rainforest Action Network’s Energy and Finance Program.  For over two decades, Kerul has worked with communities on the front lines of environmental, social justice and humanitarian causes by providing strategic communications support.  Her positions have ranged from co-founder and Communications Director of Common Ground Relief to Communications Director for the Environmental Protection Information Center.  Kerul co-founded the Independent Media Center, a global network for citizen journalism, and provides media trainings and support to grassroots activist networks across the US.  She is a member of the International Journalists’ Network and Media Professionals Worldwide.  Kerul lives in San Francisco, CA.


Executive Director

Lauren Regan, AAL
info [at]

Lauren is the founder and executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC), where she serves as our staff attorney as well. Ms. Regan operates a public interest law firm, The Justice Law Group, specializing in constitutional law, civil rights, and criminal defense. She is a founding board member and past president of the Cascadia Wildlands. She also serves as a Lane County Teen Court judge, Oregon State Bar Leadership Fellow, National Lawyers Guild, Eugene co-chair, and volunteers hundreds of hours a year to various progressive causes.

Associate Director

Amber M.
amber [at]

Amber has worked for CLDC since February of 2011.  She is currently the Associate Director and she also serves as a board member.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Business Administration at the University of Oregon.  Previously, she worked for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Oregon  School of Law.  She and her family reside in Eugene and take advantage of all opportunities to enjoy the beauty there.