Please use the legal intake form below to contact CLDC if you are seeking representation or advice as a result of your political, environmental, or social justice activism.

Thank you!

Legal Intake Form

Please note that CLDC only takes cases of those arrested, injured by law enforcement, or sued as a result of their political, environmental, or social justice activism.

Due to limited time, capacity, and the number of intakes received, CLDC staff may not be able to respond to all intakes outside of our purview. Please consider calling the Oregon State Bar referral service at 1-800-452-7636, or the bar referral service in your state.

General Contact Form

Use this form if you are interested in volunteering and internships, or if you have a speaking request or general inquiry.
Our mailing address is 1711 Willamette St. Ste 301, #359 Eugene, OR 97401