May 4-15, 2016: A global wave of mass actions will target the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy. You can find out more about Break Free at:

With more than a decade of experience representing frontline activists, we are happy to lend our legal expertise to the cause. Our legal team is leading the legal support efforts and we have created a series of legal primers and “Know Your Rights” trainings as a resource for all the activists and groups who are participating in Break Free this May. You can download and share all of the resources from this page.

Below you can find a national & regional version of a Break Free legal primer in PDF & booklet format (the booklet can be printed and distributed), a PDF version of our Break Free Know Your Rights presentation (that you can use to present to groups), a script to go along with the Know Your Rights presentation, & coming soon a video of our attorneys giving the Know Your Rights presentation.

National Break Free:

National Break Free Legal Primer

National Break Free Legal Primer booklet (for easy booklet printing)

National Break Free KYR(Know Your Rights presentation)

National Break Free script (script to be used with the presentation)

Pacific Northwest Break Free:

PNW Break Free Legal Primer

PNW Break Free Legal Primer booklet (for easy booklet printing)

PNW Break Free 2016 KYR (Know Your Rights presentation)

PNW Break Free Script (script to be used with the presentation)

Check out the Break Free Know Your Rights training presented by our staff attorneys.

We have also created handing Know Your Rights stickers that can fit on the back of your phone or water bottle so you can assert your rights. Stickers are $1 and can be purchased at the CLDC office or can be mailed when you order in quantities of 50 or more. Purchase them here:

Legal Observers needed for Break Free!

On May 13 — 16, a mass action will take place in Anacortes, WA, as part of the global movement to “Break Free” from fossil fuels in the face of climate change. If you’re interested in being a legal observer during the action, please email with “Break Free” as the subject line and you’ll be provided with more information.

If you want support the the CLDC and our work to provide frontline activists with free legal support and representation you can make a donation or become a member at