The CLDC has been providing legal support to the frontline pipeline heroes in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Recently, the Reilly family’s Virginia farm has been threatened, stolen and logged by the Mountain Valley Pipeline Corporation as it trampled upon their property rights and destroyed their pristine acreage that contains forest and creeks in order to stuff yet another unnecessary pipeline underground.

Two generations of the family have continued to boldly resist the corporation at every turn, but today a Virginia judge found Carolyn and Ian Reilly in contempt of court for walking on their own property—and fined them $1000 each.  This is a disgusting display of injustice and corporate bullying.

The CLDC will be heading to the frontlines of these resistance campaigns in the next couple of weeks to provide trainings to activists and local lawyers, as well as giving as much legal support as we can to these climate heroes.

Contempt order & opinion below: