Yesterday, in Eugene, OR, two Sunrise Movement activists entered into a deferred prosecution agreement stemming from acts of non-violent, civil disobedience.

On March 19, 2021, two young sisters participated in a mass demonstration against NW Natural, a fracked gas polluter. The bike march, ending at NW Natural’s facilities, was a part of the ongoing Fossil Free Eugene campaign. Activists demanded an end to NW Natural’s harmful activities in the face of the immediate and dire climate crisis.

“Fossil fuel production and new infrastructure has to stop now,” said one of the Sunrise Sisters. “Not only does fracking hurt the planet, it’s also damaging human health every day. My sister and I will be among those who have to live with the irresponsible and risky decisions of actors like NW Natural. Our coalition’s local advocacy resulted in the City of Eugene hitting the brakes on renewing its contract with NW Natural. Change is possible and we don’t have time to waste!”

During the protest, the sisters climbed NW Natural’s fence and briefly blocked the entrance gate with their bodies. Numerous Eugene police officers quickly descended on the protest and both women were arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Here, a deferred prosecution agreement allows these activists to stay out of the criminal punishment system — with a dismissal of the charges after six months. To support the Sunrise Sisters, donate to CLDC in their name. CLDC is proud to defend and support activists, local and far afield, who take to the street and demand immediate action in defense of the Earth!