Occupation Education

15 week training course for activist/organizers

Together, we make a powerful difference!

Occupy Eugene, in collaboration with the Civil Liberties Defense Center, presents a multi-week organizer training series for social justice activists. Come learn everything you need to know to be a strategic, confident organizer!

When: Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm, starting March 14, including some 8-hour sessions held on a weekend.

Where: Occupy Eugene V (1274 W. 7th Ave., Eugene).

The trainings will be led by expert trainers from various progressive social change movements. Each session is designed to build upon prior sessions. One of the end goals of this training series will be to create a draft strategic campaign plan for the Occupy Eugene movement and empower activists to step up their organizing and actions.

Everyone is welcome. Donations are accepted but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Bring a folding chair, notebook and pen. We are planning to have each session video recorded and live streamed so that activists outside of Eugene can participate via the internet as well.

A sampling of some of the training sessions include:

  • Fundamentals: Direct action organizing— doing the political work
  • Strategic campaign planning & organizing—8 hr session
  • Economic context of organizing
  • Choosing Problems & Issues
  • Action guidelines: planning events, campaigns
  • Preventing cooption/infiltration
  • Developing clear and winnable campaign goals,
  • Building and using organizational power
  • Recruitment: broadening and deepening membership
  • Building and working with coalitions
  • Identifying and researching targets
  • Creating tactics that will have a direct impact on chosen target
  • Media guidelines, press releases, press conferneces, public speaking
  • Accountability sessions: how to meet/advocate to politicians/officials

For more information, contact the Civil Liberties Defense Center at 541-687-9180; info@cldc.org, or check out the Occupy Eugene website at http://occupyeugenemedia.org.