Southern Oregon- Legal Needs Assessment Survey

Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) provides legal support to environmental and other movements, specifically through litigation, education, legal and strategic resources. In an effort to better support Southern Oregon's environmental movement. To inform this work, we want to hear from you! If you are an activist, volunteer, and/or staff person with a community based organization, please complete on behalf of the organization. If you are an unaffiliated individual, please complete from your own perspective. We thank you for your time, and will be sure to report back via our website and short report on our plans for collaboration in Southern Oregon. A few of these questions were adapted from Global Fund for Women's Movement Capacity Assessment Tool

  • Section 2: Legal Needs Assessment

    Civil Liberties Defense Center offers a few core areas of support to the progressive social change and environmental movements. Please rate the level of need in Southern Oregon (or NorCal if that is your region) ( in each area: 1- no need, 5 - high need)
  • Including Know Your Rights for Activists, Know Your Rights for Immigrants, Know Your Rights for Youth, and more.
  • Section 3: Creating Good Partnerships

    Civil Liberties Defense Center recognizes that there is incredible organizing and movement building work happening in Southern Oregon. We want to know how we can best show up in this space.
  • Section 4: The Health of Southern Oregon's Environmental Movement

  • Section 5: Immigrant Justice