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Chilling of Protestor Freedom in Iowa

By |2018-06-15T09:57:30+00:00April 19th, 2018|News|

SF 2235, An Act Relating to Criminal Acts Committed On or Against Critical Infrastructure and Providing Penalties: A chilling of protestor freedom in Iowa. This bill has passed both houses of the Iowa Legislature and is pending Gubernatorial approval. The original version of the bill passed the Senate and was sent to the House, where it was expanded and reintroduced for Senate approval. The Senate ultimately voted to pass the bill 35-13.

Fighting corporate SLAPPs, from the streets to the courtroom

By |2016-12-03T23:35:03+00:00December 17th, 2015|Articles, Current Cases|

It’s been several months since a Washington State District Court granted four anti-harassment orders against me from Chris Toher, Lew Guerrette, Dave Harrison, and James McReynolds. Now we are finally approaching the culmination of the appeal of those orders, and I am represented by the Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center and the President of the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild as we fight back against the attempt at corporate repression.

Federal appeals court allows lawsuit against NYPD for Muslim spying

By |2015-10-21T10:41:41+00:00October 21st, 2015|Articles, News|

Last week, in Hassan v. New York, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court and held that a lawsuit may move forward against the NYPD for spying on Muslims. The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit against the NYPD for discriminating against them as Muslims.

Federal court affirms constitutional right to criticize police

By |2017-08-18T12:57:57+00:00September 23rd, 2015|Articles, Info|

Last week, a federal court in New York affirmed the First Amendment right to criticize police using profane language. In the case, Barboza v. D’Agata, the federal court in the Southern District of New York addressed a case in which an individual received a speeding ticket in the town of Liberty, New York. He agreed to pay the ticket by mail, but first decided to make his feelings clear by crossing out the town’s name “Liberty” and writing “Tyranny” on the ticket, and then writing, in all capital letters, “FUCK YOUR SHITTY TOWN BITCHES.” He then sent in his payment with this special personalized message.

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