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June 2020

CLDC Letter to City of Eugene and State of Oregon Officials Regarding the City of Eugene’s Response to Recent Protests

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June 5, 2020


Mayor Lucy Vinis

City Manager Sarah Medary, Pro Tem

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner

Interim Fire Chief Chris Heppel

Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton

Governor Kate Brown and Staff

Oregon National Guard Major General Michael E. Stencel

Sent by Email Attachment to lvinis@eugene-or.gov;

smedary@eugene-or.gov; policechief@ci.eugene.or.us;

firedept@ci.eugene.or.us; travis.hampton@osp.oregon.gov;

orgov@hcrm.iconstituent.com; nik.blosser@oregon.gov;

constantin.severe@oregon.gov; agdd@mil.state.or.us;


RE:     City of Eugene Response to Recent Protests

To […]

April 2020

Journalist and Congressional Candidate Sues Humboldt County and Two Sheriff’s Deputies for Abuse of Civil Rights

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April 14, 2020
Contact: Lauren Regan, Marianne Dugan, CLDC
(541) 687-9180

Eugene, OR — Today, CLDC attorneys representing Green Party Congressional candidate Michael “Gamms” Gammariello filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in California federal court against Humboldt County and two of its Sheriff’s deputies for illegal police brutality.

Mike Gammariello is an […]

July 2018

Lawyer Response to ETP’s Reckless Mistreatment of Protesters at the L’eau Est La Vie Pipeline Resistance Camp

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As water protectors continue to stand up to the construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline, in the Atchafayala Basin, reckless intimidation from Energy Transfer Partners is on the rise! They are asking for protection from Louisiana State Police, and are receiving none. CLDC stands in solidarity with these activists and […]

November 2017

Water Protector Undeterred One Year After Standing Rock Police Brutality

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Sophia Wilansky was just 21 years old when she gathered with other Water Protectors on the Backwater bridge north of the Standing Rock encampment in North Dakota. She had come to the Oceti Sakowin camp in solidarity with the indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from destroying […]

November 2016

Water Protectors file class action suit for retaliation and excessive force against brutal police

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The civil rights complaint seeks justice against the constitutional violations perpetuated against the mostly Native American water protectors, including claims of retaliation and police brutality by law enforcement, as well suing the Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, and City of Mandan Chief of Police Jason Ziegler for maintaining policies, customs, and practices that led to grave violations of Plaintiffs’ rights secured by the U.S. Constitution.

October 2016

Update: Militarized Police Presence at Standing Rock

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This morning the outrageous unprecedented militarized police presence at Standing Rock has taken a turn for the worse. Hundreds of police have surrounded the front lines camp, road blockades have popped up everywhere, and water protectors are currently surrounded by militarized darth vader like cop goons.

In Standing Rock, The Cops Are Out of Control

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The police have demonstrated zeal over the last few months focusing their resources and energies on one goal: ensuring that the Dakota Access Pipeline is built—and built on time.

September 2016

A Few Bad Apples?

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Make no mistake about it, when police engage in violence against people of color, they are doing just what they were intended to do. It is not now nor has it ever been a failure of the system due to a few bad apples. If you’re black or brown or poor in this country, the police were never there to protect and serve you.

June 2016

Federal appeals court rejects police use of taser against man recovering from diabetic seizure

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Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, which sets legal precedent for the states of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, ruled that a jury could find that police used unconstitutional excessive force when they tasered a man recovering from a diabetic seizure.

February 2016

Police in Massachusetts and New York held accountable for civil rights violations in court

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Last week, victims of civil rights abuses by police scored two victories in Massachusetts and New York. In Massachusetts, in Stamps v. Framingham, the federal First Circuit Court of Appeals held that a police officer who holds a loaded gun at the head of a non-threatening, compliant individual, with the gun’s safety off, cannot avoid civil liability for accidentally shooting and killing the individual. In New York, in Held v. Christian, a police officer agreed in a court settlement to pay $45,000 to an individual whose nude photos he stole after taking possession of her cell phone during a routine traffic stop.


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