This morning the outrageous unprecedented militarized police presence at Standing Rock has taken a turn for the worse. Hundreds of police have surrounded the front lines camp, road blockades have popped up everywhere, and water protectors are currently surrounded by militarized darth vader like cop goons. It is with incredible remorse that I tell you all that it appears the State is going to raid the incredible nonviolent water protectors who are fervently trying to prevent the completion of this pipeline. The area currently being defended is the area where the Standing Rock tribes sacred burial area is located. It’s also the area where DAPL security used dogs to attack water protectors a few weeks ago.

Cooper and I just got back from the camp a few days ago, but I am currently looking to book flights back out there, especially in the aftermath of 127 water protectors arrested over the weekend. All morning I have been fielding calls from scared but determined front lines activists asking for legal information, wanting reassurance and reminders about their rights and how to keep themselves safe in the event storm troopers invade this sacred area. I wish I could be with them right now, but I won’t be able to get back there before this State siege takes place. I will go as soon as I can to make sure everyone gets out of jail, and if people are abused in the process, we will fight to ensure justice and accountability for the amazing water protectors at Standing Rock. Keep your eyes tuned for more news. The State just announced they were closing the airspace above the camp so that we cannot use drones to record what is about to take place. They want to commit this deplorable act without cameras, media, legal observers, etc. They want their horrifying, egregious civil rights violations to be shrouded in secrecy and silence. They will not succeed and their actions will be disseminated for everyone to see.

If you have the ability to support us, now is the time. Send letters to elected officials, law enforcement, US Attorneys, etc.—let the State know that we are all watching and will not stand for this form of fascism in the U.S.
In solidarity,
Lauren Regan
Executive Director

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