Please share this 20 minute film “Ceremony Comes Home” far and wide and ask people to watch the film and share as well as email Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell:

“Our next Coming of Age ceremony is coming up in July, July 20 – 23. Please share this video, and let Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell ( know that you expect his agency to work with us to avoid a repeat of his underlings’ disgraceful behavior of last year.”

Check the Winnemem website for updates about the Coming of Age Ceremony if you would like to help on site or from a distance.

Please keep checking the website for news about what is needed for Women’s Coming of Age Ceremony — like 30 innertubes, volunteers, food supply, donations. Let me or Karyn Smoot know if you want to go to Ceremony in July or the Mt. Shasta Ceremony in August (second weekend). Karyn Smoot (kmsmoot [at]