November 2018

CLDC Argues Against White Supremacist Who Wants to Unmask Antifa Members

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Anti-Fascist Action Flag Anti-Fascist Action Flag

Last week in San Francisco, Attorney Cooper Brinson of the CLDC, along with co-counsel James Wheaton of the First Amendment Project, argued that a subpoena issued by OG Analytical (a cannabis testing company based in Eugene, Oregon) […]

August 2017

More thoughts on Charlottesville

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As a devout Jewish child who grew up attending synagogue and Hebrew School, from a very young age I was constantly surrounded by stories of the Holocaust – how Hitler took advantage of economic conditions, found an easy-to-identify “other” for a scapegoat, and rose to power by preying on people’s […]

Anti-Racist Statement

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Adopted June 1, 2017

Civil Liberties Defense Center Anti-Racist Statement

The Civil Liberties Defense Center affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. We focus on engaging and collaborating in organizing, educating, and providing legal support that challenges oppressive and unjust forces.  We […]


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