June 2016

What has the Supreme Court done with your civil rights lately?

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Last week, the Supreme Court issued a number of opinions that will affect the civil rights of millions of Americans. First, the court ruled that during DUI arrests, police can take warrantless breathalyzer tests, but not warrantless blood-draws. Second, the court ruled that universities may implement “race-conscious” affirmative action admission policies. Third, the court deadlocked 4-4 on President Obama’s “deferred-deportation” policy for undocumented immigrants, which leaves in place a lower court preliminary injunction against implementation of that policy.

April 2016

US Supreme Court rejects attempt to marginalize Latino communities in Texas under the guise of “voter equality”

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Last week, in Evenwel v. Abbott, the US Supreme Court rejected the latest attempt at political gerrymandering aimed at disenfranchising Latino communities in Texas. This attempt has been attributed as the brainchild of the “Project on Fair Representation,” a right-wing group that succeeded in dismantling a key protection against racial discrimination in the Voting Rights Act in the 2013 case Shelby County v. Holder.

June 2015

April 2015


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