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2017 Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp

CLDC’s 4th annual Next Generation Climate Justice Action Camp! This summer, the Civil Liberties Defense Center is hosting our annual action camp for young people ages 14-18 to gain knowledge and skills to organize for climate justice! The camp will include a youth led public event focused on a climate justice campaign! The camp will be from Sunday, […]

Break free

Break Free Resources

May 4-15, 2016: A global wave of mass actions will target the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy. You can find out more about Break Free at: https://breakfree2016.org With more than a decade of experience representing frontline activists, we are […]

Know Your Rights (Arabic)

CLDC stands in solidarity with targeted people and communities by assisting them with protecting their Constitutional rights through any legal avenue feasible (federal or state recourse), providing KYR trainings to those communities as requested, and by sharing a KYR resource that has been translated into Arabic by the National Lawyers Guild (NLG).

We encourage Muslim communities (particularly in the Northwest) to contact us for legal support and education. Please join us in ensuring the rights of all people are respected, particularly in times of political hysteria, fear and ignorance by sharing this training.

Download the NLG Know Your Rights training in Arabic.

Trainings and Workshops

We strive to educate the public, and particularly communities of color or other higher risk and vulnerable communities, by conducting “know your rights (KYR)” trainings throughout the country. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the particular group of participants.


Public Speaking

CLDC’s Executive Director, Lauren Regan, conducts speaking tours throughout the year on a variety of educational topics including: the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, grand jury procedures, the Freedom of Information Act, and other threats to our civil liberties. The CLDC focuses on challenging and changing these statutes when they are used to censor or eliminate the rights of citizens engaged on political expression.

Ms. Regan has appeared numerous times on the national Democracy Now! program and is frequently quoted in over 250 national and local media outlets including Rolling Stone, the Guardian of London, the New York Times, and many more.

At the invitation of the National Lawyers Guild, Ms. Regan spoke in New York about “Green Scare” prosecutions; spoke at Yale University’s “Rebellious Lawyering Conference,” and recently the University of California Los Angeles Law School invited her to speak on the history of COINTELPRO, government repression, and activism.

Other Public Speaking Topics Include:

    • The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: The Law, Current Case Updates, and How to Save Animals in the Face of Government Repression.
    • Navigating the Criminal Courts: A Guide for Activists and Lawyers.
    • Women in Environmental Law: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby, But Are We Going Anywhere?

The CLDC offers these presentations to universities, civic groups, conferences, social change and environmental activists, conservatives, and religious groups.

To schedule a presentation, please contact us!

Know Your Rights

Our Know Your Rights (KYR) training is our most regular and widely held educational event. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the particular group of participants. When working with forest activists, we include updated information regarding recent laws and prosecutions related to that movement. With immigration reform groups, we focus on the rights of non-documented people and their families. When working with LGBTQ groups, we focus on issues specific to their needs. Due to an increase in the criminalization of youth, CLDC has developed trainings specifically geared toward juveniles in an attempt to curb the abuses taking place between police and youth.

The purpose of KYR workshops is to instill activists with the confidence to make decisions about how they will engage their activism—where is the line drawn between legal and potentially illegal protesting? What “magic words” should you say to police to invoke your rights? Armed with knowledge, activists and others can make informed choices regarding their interactions with government agents and can best protect their rights should they end up in handcuffs and in the legal system.

All of our KYR trainings have an accompanying PowerPoint presentation we provide to participants who want it to share the information with their community. We allow our organizational hosts to also record the trainings so they can share the information with community members unable to attend.

CLDC workshops include trainers’ trainings, specifically geared toward enabling participants to bring complex legal information back to their communities effectively and accurately with the knowledge that they have our support and resources readied at their side. In addition, we prioritize mentoring future lawyers and legal workers, and by offering trainers trainings, we are ensuring that we duplicate our efforts and spread this knowledge faster and wider than we could ever do on our own.


Here is a recording of one of our Know Your Rights videos:

Know Your Rights Slideshow

Know Your Rights Brochure (English)

Know Your Rights Brochure (Spanish)

Know Your Rights Brochure (Arabic)

Know Your Rights for Teens (English)



Know Your Rights for Activists

The Civil Liberties Defense Center was founded to be the legal tool in the activist toolkit. We have a long history of being part of many movements and campaigns as organizers, trainers and attorneys. We believe that activists deserve the best legal representation and advice possible, and that they should be represented in the Courts with as much respect to their ethics and principals as possible.

CLDC supports the work of Grassroots activists advocating for progressive and radical social change and who take necessary action to create a better world. We stand in solidarity with people who are working for something greater than themselves and offer legal support and education in the form of activist oriented trainings, presentations on current laws and government repression, as well as pro-bono legal representation or referrals to the best of our ability. We also stand in solidarity with activists who do not assist the government in harassing and imprisoning other activists. We are a small organization, and we are always working to provide updated information that can assist in the work of dedicated individuals and organizations.

Learn about your rights as an activist by checking out the educational materials below, or schedule a Know Your Rights, Grand Jury, AETA, or Green Scare/Government Repression Training NOW! We also offer trainer’s trainings to ensure that communities can continue to provide necessary information to their comrades in an accurate and updated manner.

Do you know of other tools or resources you’d like to see on this site? Do you have an interest in creating a movement resource? If relevant, we’d love to help you create and distribute it. (we’ve got lots of lawyers at the CLDC who love to edit…)

Feel free to send us your suggestions and/or additional materials for this activist toolkit.


Know Your Rights for Activist PowerPoint 

Know Your Rights (English)

Know Your Rights (Spanish)

Know Your Rights (Arabic)

Know Your Rights Teen (English)

Dealing with Grand Juries

Also, check out this great video from our friends at Green is the New Red.

Digital Security Resources

Digital Security for Activists