We are excited to offer a Fall 2019 Online Course: Bilingual Train the Trainer in Know Your Rights for the Undocumented Community in Oregon. This training is being offered online on a sliding scale basis, from $15-$250 for the 10 week class. No one turned away for lack of funds.



Nov. 12th- Jan 21st (with a 2 week break for the December Holidays) Read below to find out about the time commitment!

The training will consist of one video lesson per week. There will be homework, an expectation of practice, and weekly group chats, that should in total consist of about 3-5 hours per week. Other than the weekly group chats, all the rest of the work can be done throughout the week, in whatever time you have available to do it.
There will be an option to test out of the class in person, by traveling to Eugene, or an option to test out via video chat. At the end of the course, you will be certified to be a KYR trainer!


You are an ideal candidate for this training if:
– You are bilingual and very competent in both Spanish and English. The training is long, and contains legal jargon and concepts.
– You have access to the affected community, and a clear way to reach folks with this information who need it
– You have enough time in your schedule to provide this training regularly (at least 4 times per year)
– You have experience public speaking, or at least a willingness to try and practice!
– You are a self motivated learner who could get a lot out of an online learning environment
– You will need regular access to a computer for this training.
*** Note: the Training for Trainers is a bilingual training, so trainees must be bilingual. However, the KYR training itself can be done in English or Spanish and we will give you the materials to do both! 


Know Your Rights for the Undocumented Community is essential information that we as a community need to be sharing as much as possible in these times! We have been training English/Spanish bilingual trainers in Lane County, and are ready to expand our efforts statewide using the online class format!
The class is 10 weeks long, and covers the following topics:
– Your constitutional rights and how/when to assert them (applicable to anyone physically present in this country)
– Interacting with police and how to keep yourself safe and avoid arrest
– Interacting with ICE and how to keep yourself safe and avoid deportation
– Specific issues you might face with ICE: car stops, workplace raids, borders, detention centers
– Other immigration issues this state and country are facing: DACA, Measure 105, U Visa, VAWA, etc.
By taking this training, you will be trained in depth about these concepts, as well as given the opportunity to practice this training in both Spanish and English. (Note: We know that there are many more languages this training should be given in. At this time, Spanish and English are the only languages we have it translated to, but are open to assistance from folks who want to help translate into other languages!) You will be given detailed powerpoints in both languages that you can use as visual aids, as well as other materials that you can hand out at the trainings you put on. You will also have access to the regular updates to that information.



If you are interested in this free training, please fill out this application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TNB6TG3

Please put time and care into your application. Because this is our first online class experience, we will be keeping the training to 15 participants! We will review the applications by October 28th, and get back to you by Nov. 1st.


Finally, please feel free to email egrady@cldc.org with any questions, and send this link to anyone you think would be an ideal candidate! We are still working to fill this class. Please share on social media, or whatever you feel will help get the word out!



Thank you!