Become a trainer for the immigrant and/or activist community!
English and Spanish speakers needed!

In Lane County, across the state and the nation, our immigrant and activist communities are being targeted and suppressed by the Trump administration and law enforcement. We are seeing new policies rolling in to silence activists and clear the way for the deportation of our immigrant neighbors.

Here at the CLDC we know that if you don’t stand up for your rights, they will be taken away. The problem is that many people living in this country, citizen and non-citizen alike, do not know their rights or how to assert them. Especially for immigrants living vulnerably and activists putting themselves in vulnerable places intentionally, it is important to have an understanding of the the information and behaviors that will increase your level of protection and safety as you move through your life.

At CLDC we work to educate on this topic through our trainings “Know Your Rights for the Immigrant Community” and “Know Your Rights for Activists”. We have trained many people and will continue to do so, but there is more of a demand than we can provide! We are looking for Lane County folks, comfortable with public speaking, who are willing to join the group of local CLDC trainers, and help us train these populations of brave humans in our county. You do not have to be a lawyer to give these trainings! We are actively seeking Spanish-speaking presenters for the “KYR for the Immigrant Community” presentation.

The training for trainers series is 6 weeks long, one 3 hour session per week. We realize that is a significant commitment, but we want our trainers to well-equipped and knowledgeable.  We know that this information takes time to master! The dates of this winter’s training are below. To participate in the training, you need to be able to commit to all but one. Please email for more information and the one page application for this series!

Nov 30th 5pm – 7pm

Dec. 7th  6pm – 9pm

Dec. 14th  6pm – 9pm

Dec. 21st    6pm – 9pm

Jan 4th   6pm – 9pm

Jan 11th 6pm – 9pm


If you aren’t able to become a trainer consider supporting our training series by making a donation or becoming a member today!