Greetings! Our digital security coordinator and I recently returned from a week of travel in Montana, where we provided trainings and support to activists who are fighting the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Megaloads, as well as rampant police brutality, racial profiling, and misconduct.

We traveled from Moscow, Idaho, to Bozeman, Billings, and Missoula, where we provided activist know your rights and digital security trainings with the hope of building strategic power and resilience in threatened areas with very little legal support and resources. We also met with indigenous organizers and community members to support their work against racial profiling, police misconduct and mass incarceration, including in communities who have the most murdered and missing indigenous women in the United States.

We look forward to using all of the legal tools in our toolbox, including potentially filing a class action federal civil rights lawsuit, to assist them in their efforts to reign in abusive cops and increase transparency and accountability.

It is vitally important that the lawyers and digital security experts at the CLDC are able to travel and meet with activists and frontline communities where they work and defend themselves. We learn a lot, build trust and solidarity, and share critically important information about our larger movement. If you agree that this frontline travel to rural, low-income, and threatened communities is vital to the strength of our movement, please consider funding a future CLDC field trip—or help us organize one in your area.