The Widespread Use and Abuse of Animals for Corporate Interest

MYTH: Senators Feinstein and Inhofe claim on their website that “AETA gives law enforcement the tools they need to adequately combat radical animal rights extremists who commit violent acts against innocent people because they work with animals. This is terrorism and cannot be tolerated.

FACT: Animals are tortured and abused for fashion, food, and entertainment which causes the large scale suffering of animals that is kept quiet behind closed industry doors. They don’t “work with animals;” they use, abuse, and exploit animals. Animal rights activists aren’t terrorists; they just want to expose the truth about exploitative animal industries.

Animal enterprises don’t want their customers to know that animals feel pain. They don’t want you to see the tail twisting, the spurs digging into flesh, the electrical prods, the bucking straps cinched tightly around their testicles, or any of the other forms of torture at the rodeo. They don’t want you to know that the elephant that performs at the circus is separated from its family, beaten by handlers to establish dominance, and shackled for its entire life. They don’t want the public to hear a mother cow cry for her calf as it is torn away from her side a few days after it is born. They don’t want you to know the fate of her male calf; intense confinement in 2 feet wide crates where he cannot turn around, stretch his limbs, or even lie down comfortably for 14 weeks until he is slaughtered for veal. They don’t want you to see how his mother is chained behind bars where she will give 10 times the amount of milk that is natural while hooked to machines that severely irritate and rip at her udders. They don’t want you to know that this means there is pus in your milk. That is why there are deceitful pictures of happy cows in green fields with red barns on milk cartons. And happy chickens pecking away on egg cartons. They want you to buy their product. They don’t care that their product will cause clogged arteries, high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity, and other chronic health problems. They don’t care that they are jeopardizing the health of our environment. They continue to pollute our rivers with animal wastes, antibiotics and hormones, chemicals from skin tanneries, fertilizers and pesticides used for feed crops, and sediments from eroded pastures. They clearcut forests for pasture land. They are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. These all have severe human health effects; but the corporations don’t care. The more you buy the more money is in their pockets. They know that if you saw what goes into your burger and milkshake they would lose a customer. This is why these animal enterprises have banded together in order to suppress a movement that aims to free animals from their oppressive grasp and to educate the public on the suffering of animals so that they can make informed decisions about their lifestyle. To save the animals and to save First Amendment freedoms like free association, free assembly, free petitioning, and free speech, we must abolish AETA.

You can help!

If you are interested in living a cruelty free lifestyle, visit Becoming vegan and boycotting the atrocious animal enterprises that profit from pain, suffering, and murder of innocent beings is one of the most important decisions you can make for the animals.