Next week in California, in response to a nationwide call-out, CLDC will be joining the climate movement in San Francisco to stand up to Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS). The purpose is simple, to let politicians know that we do not believe the false narrative that green capitalism can take care of us and the planet. And to protest their continued reliance on fossil fuels and the ways that is perpetuating climate change and harming indigenous nations, communities of color, and working class people throughout the world.

We will be there doing what CLDC does best – supporting the movement in standing up to state repression, and training activists to be safe when they hit the streets!

Lauren Regan will be in San Francisco to help unveil the new coalition of civil liberties and environmental groups who are launching an effort to fight back against lawsuits aimed at stifling the free speech of activists (commonly known as strategic lawsuits against public participation, or SLAPP suits). CLDC has been throwing a great deal of our lawyer brain power into helping the movement resist SLAPP suits and helping get this coalition off the ground.

Come see a panel on the topic:

Protect the Protest

Aboard the Arctic Sunrise, a Greenpeace ship docked in San Francisco

Wednesday, Sept 5thfrom 4-7 pm

See here for more information:

Lauren and Erin will also be helping with trainings leading up to the large demonstrations of protest in the San Francisco streets, along with so many amazing organizations that planned ‘Rise Against Climate Capitalism’! The days of mass action are  September 10thand September 13th. Tune into Diablo Rising Tide and Indigenous Environmental Network to watch how the events of this convergence unfold!

We will update from San Francisco, and we wish you all an exciting end of summer!