CLDC attorneys, Lauren Regan & Cooper Brinson, arrived at the Sacred Stone camp today to provide additional legal support to the movement in North Dakota. They will be at the camp for a week and we will be making regular trips back every month to provide legal support.

The CLDC stands in solidarity and support with the indigenous protectors fighting the Dakota Access pipeline. CLDC attorneys are standing by to assist with SLAPP suit defense, activist defense and police misconduct cases that arise at the various points of resistance. We continue to provide Know Your Rights training materials and other educational resources to help empower the exercise of constitutional rights. As protectors and their lawyers fatigue, the CLDC is in North Dakota right now to relieve people and to help fire up and support another wave of resistance. If you are interested in supporting the CLDC team by contributing to their travel costs and other out of pocket costs,you can donate below.


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