June 17, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
2520 Harris St
OR 97405-3046
Charles Denson

Please join the CLDC for a Legal Observer Training for activists and supporters!

Legal observers are trained volunteers who support the communities right to protest and engage in direct action. They observe the police and report their observations to an attorney for later use. Their presence is also a possible deterrent of any unconstitutional behavior from law enforcement. A legal observer being at a protest, march, or demonstration enables people to express their views and engage in their rights with the fewest possible consequences from law enforcement.

In light of Charlottesville and other antifascist protests in Portland, Eugene, and around the state, this legal observer training will contain new information regarding legal observing in a situation that contains protesters and counterprotesters. It will address how to legal observe in situations that include the presence of, and even violence from, the far right. If you are a current legal observer we want you to come and update your skills. We will record this training and make it available on our website for those that are already legal observers but cannot attend this in-person training.

This training will provide you with the proper skills and information necessary to document and observe law enforcement during a protest to keep demonstrators safe.