Houseless Know Your Rights Training presented by CLDC with Remain Reclaim Rebuild

November 14, 2020
2:00 p.m. PT — 4:00 p.m. PT


Visit to register and receive the Zoom link for the event. Limited space for 10 participants will be available at the Social Justice Action Center (in Portland) for those who don’t have access to computer technology to participate in a Zoom meeting. Please email to let us know who will be attending in person. Food and bus tickets will be provided.

Join CLDC’s Cooper Brinson for a Know Your Rights training for the houseless community covers diverse topics that specifically affect people living outside. Topics include and are not limited to sweeps, information about law enforcement and laws that affect camping, panhandling, vehicles, exclusion zones and sidewalk use.

Reclaim, Remain, Rebuild is a series of forums bringing together some of the best housing advocates nationally and locally to share their work around various aspects of housing justice. From campaigns around rent control, tenant organizing, houseless villages, housing co-ops, land trusts, rent strikes and foreclosure/eviction defense, we need a diverse toolkit of strategies to reverse the effects of the waves of displacement, gentrification and rampant real estate speculation we have seen over the last couple decades, and combat the assaults we know are coming from landlords and developers as the crisis deepens. With the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus threatening to displace millions of people from their living situations in the coming months, right now is a critical time to start finding each other and working together to build campaigns and coalitions that can turn the tables on powerful property owners and build a strong and diverse movement for housing justice.

Special thank you for grants from:
SE Uplift, Office of Civic Life, Peace Development Fund, De Colores, and Sparkplug Foundation


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