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“Because the one thing they will never have that we have is numbers, and moral high ground. Most of us are doing this because we care, it’s coming from a place of love, often we’re doing it in our volunteer time–and the government and corporations will never match that.”

“Lauren Regan is the legendary founder, executive director, and staff attorney at the Civil Liberties Defense Center. She and the CLDC have defended “green scare” activists, climate activists, water protectors, and many more. The CLDC was a founding member of the Water Protector Legal Collective, active at Standing Rock and Line 3, and has also worked to defend activists at Cop City in Atlanta. Lauren has also coordinated the defense of large groups of activists in the Pacific Northwest, and run countless Know Your Rights briefings, security workshops, and information sessions about the dangers of SLAPP suits. She represents activists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion, immigrant rights, indigenous rights, Black Lives Matter, and other environmental and social justice movements. I’ve personally experienced her fierce and focused legal advocacy, and can attest to the fact that you definitely want her on your side if you’re challenging the system.”