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Basic Know Your Rights Information

Know Your Rights Brochure (English)

Know Your Rights Brochure (Spanish)

Other Know Your Rights Information

Activist PowerPoint

Grand Juries (powerpoint)

KYR Immigrant Powerpoint (English)

KYR Immigrant Powerpoint (Spanish)

Immigrant Teen PowerPoint (English)

Teen Brochure

Teen PowerPoint

Transdermal + Subdermal Piercings

Unhoused Brochure

Unhoused PowerPoint

Ports, Railroads and Utilities

Resources Created by the CLDC

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Corporate Logos and Copyrights

Demand of Rights

FBI Script 1

FBI Script 2

Grand Juries are an Abuse of Power

Legal Flow Chart

Practical Security Handbook

Silencing Dissent

Videotaping Police During Political Demonstrations


Other Resources


Abolish the AETA!

Agent at the Door

Blueprint for Inclusive Health Care for Transgender Workers


Dealing With the Police

Green Scared

Guide to Corresponding with Prisoners

Investigators’ Dirty Tricks

Tasers and the Police (English)

Tasers and the Police (Spanish)

Transgender Direct Action Guide

What is Security Culture?

Your Right to Demonstrate & Protest