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COINTELPRO 101: Film Screening and Discussion

Come out and watch a free screening of this amazing documentary “COINTELPRO 101″ about the secret and illegal FBI programs spearheaded by J Edgar Hoover that attacked the Puerto Rican Independence movement, Black Liberation movement and many other progressive movements for social change in the 60′s and 70′s. Oregon Jericho will give a presentation about […]

Law & Disorder Conference 2012

The 3rd Annual Law & Disorder Conference

This conference calls for people, movements, organizations and collectives to present alternative accounts to the political dimensions of civic engagement, mutual aid and revolution as they relate to economics, politics, invention, technology, work, artistic and cultural production, the body, pedagogy and social change. The conference promises to create a provocative space for critical dialogue between […]

Leonard Peltier

NW Regional March and Rally for Clemency for Leonard Peltier

On Saturday, Feb. 4 in Tacoma, WA, people will be marching in the support of Leonard Peltier. Peltier, long time Native Activist and member of the American Indian Movement was convicted in 1975 for shooting two FBI officers. Prosecutors have continually stated that they cannot prove Peltier’s guiilt. He has been in prison for 35 […]

Bradley Manning

Free Bradley Manning!

Bradley Manning, a 24-year-old Army intelligence analyst, faces prison for allegedly sharing with WikiLeaks website hundreds of US State Department internal memos, detailing innumerable atrocities committed the USA throughout the War of Terror. Next Wednesday, Jeff Paterson of the Bradley Manning Support Network will give a presentation about the soldier who faces life in prison […]