April 2022

2021 Year in Review

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CLDC’s 2021 Year in Review

With CLDC’s Founder and Executive Director, Lauren Regan, celebrating her 25th year of lawyering this year, we have much to reflect on, be grateful for, and share with our community.

You can learn more about our 2021 victories and progress on these […]

May 2020

Hello and Goodbye

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Friends, we have bittersweet news to share with you. After five amazing years, Charles Denson, our beloved associate director, will be moving on from CLDC to other projects. Charles will, of course, remain our comrade, and you will see him around Eugene biking and sharing burritos with unhoused neighbors, among […]

August 2017

Anti-Racist Statement

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Adopted June 1, 2017

Civil Liberties Defense Center Anti-Racist Statement

The Civil Liberties Defense Center affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. We focus on engaging and collaborating in organizing, educating, and providing legal support that challenges oppressive and unjust forces.  We […]

June 2017

December 2016

Petition to Allow Out-of-State Attorneys to Represent Water Protectors

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Today, the CLDC submitted a public comment in support of a petition to the North Dakota Supreme Court that urges the Court to temporarily allow out-of-state attorneys to defend water protectors arrested at Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota. You should too! Follow the instructions on how […]

October 2016

In Standing Rock, The Cops Are Out of Control

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The police have demonstrated zeal over the last few months focusing their resources and energies on one goal: ensuring that the Dakota Access Pipeline is built—and built on time.

May 2016

Don’t call the police: the disturbing trend of police killing mentally ill individuals

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Two especially disturbing trends emerge from The Post’s data — (1) many of the victims who were killed by police were military veterans killed during PTSD episodes, and (2) in many cases, witnesses or victims call 911 seeking medical assistance from the police but, instead of providing aid ,the police end up killing the mentally ill individual.

April 2016

Hypocrisy and Human Rights

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Consistently, media covering President Obama’s historic 2-day visit to Cuba has focused on the need for Cuba to clean up its human rights record if it truly wants to normalize relations with the U.S. While Cuba may have some shortcomings when it comes to its human rights record, the U.S. should be hesitant in its condemnation of others for abuses when the U.S. commits and perpetuates serious abuses at home (and abroad).

March 2016

Victory in Shell No! Bridge Protest Case

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Last week, in Shell Offshore v. Greenpeace, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order vacating a civil contempt order that was issued against Greenpeace last summer during the Shell No! banner hang off the St. John’s Bridge. In July, a number of activists had suspended themselves from the bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon to temporarily block Shell’s contracted vessel, the Fennica, from leaving the Portland harbor. The Fennica carried a crucial piece of oil drilling equipment and Shell planned to send the Fennica north to Alaska’s Chukchi Sea to conduct oil drilling in the Arctic.

February 2016

Former abortion provider sues anti-abortion extremists

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In this country, women have a constitutional right to abortion. This month, Susan Cahill, a Montana physician’s assistant who protected that constitutional right by providing abortions in one of four abortion clinics in Montana, filed a civil lawsuit in state court against anti-abortion extremists. Anti-abortion extremist Zachary Klundt broke into her medical clinic and completely destroyed it, thereby putting her out of business.


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