Former Cases

July 2017

CLDC victory for wildlife activists

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Appeals court backs wildlife activist in free speech case

By MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press

A federal appeals court on Monday ruled in favor of a wildlife activist who said his free speech rights were violated when a sheriff’s deputy barred […]

August 2016

Activist Locks to Barrels and Halts Klamath Logging

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Seiad Valley, Calif --Early this morning logging operations were halted on the Westside post-fire logging project after a daring activist chained himself between two 55 gallon drums filled with concrete at a gate leading into the project area. The non-violent direct action protest was the latest in campaign events triggered by continued logging despite a pending lawsuit. The group announced plans for a public rally at the same location on August 13.

July 2015

City Dismisses Charges Against SLEEPS Activist

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EUGENE, OR: On Friday July 24, 2015, the Assistant City Attorney of Eugene dismissed a criminal case that he filed and prosecuted against Hedin Brugh, a long-time SLEEPS activist who advocated for unhoused people.

June 2015

February 2015

CLDC Defends Josh Schlossberg

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Two police officers with the Eugene Police Department confronted environmental activist Josh Schlossberg as he handed out flyers and information to interested passers-by on the public sidewalk in front of the Umpqua Bank. Mr. Schlossberg was providing information on the negative impacts of some of the business investments of the Bank on the local forests. After one of the officers decided everything was in order, an EPD sergeant with a history of questionable actions against activists and others, investigated Mr. Schlossberg's public activities again.

January 2015

April 2014

CLDC Defends the Ceremonial Rights Winnemem Wintu

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In a major victory for the tribe, the Winnemem Wintu were finally given clearance to hold their coming of age ceremony in peace. As a result of the incredible perseverance and unwavering commitment of the Winnemem Wintu tribe, along with the overwhelming show of solidarity that so many activists from around the country provided to the tribe, the US Forest Service had agreed to completely close the McCloud River for the 4 day ceremony June 29 - July 3, 2012.

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